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My name is Danny T, I am a full-stack developer, technical manager, and team leader.
Over the years, I have been engaged in software development, with a focus on geographic information systems, WebGL, network communications, Windows/Linux desktop applications, and 3D gaming.

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Danny T

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Programming Languages

Due to years of development experience and the needs of project implementation, I have used a relatively wide range of programming languages.







Expertise Area

In these technical fields, I have years of experience in implementation and work.


I am proficient in WebGIS frameworks such as CesiumJS, Mapbox, and Maplibre, and also have the ability to develop plugins for these frameworks. I have written data parsing layers and special effect layers based on WebGL for internal projects multiple times.

Game Engine

I am proficient in using the UE4/UE5 engine, with a high level of skill in both blueprint functions and C++. I have a certain understanding of the engine’s underlying code and have developed engine plugins multiple times to expand the engine’s functionality to facilitate the work of developers, according to product requirements.

Business System

I am proficient in SpringBoot and SpringCloud frameworks, and skilled in using the flowable BPMN engine along with other conventional business system frameworks. For the frontend, I have expertise in the VUE + Element Plus framework and have developed large-scale business systems multiple times.

Windows/Linux Desktop App

In the early days, I developed Windows desktop applications using the MFC framework. Subsequently, I used the QT5/QT6 framework to develop cross-platform desktop applications and led several related project implementations. I have an in-depth understanding of QT.

Andriod App

I have developed cross-platform mobile applications based on Uniapp, and later developed native Android applications using Java. I am familiar with Android permissions and system restrictions. The above technology stack has been verified through a large number of projects.


I am proficient in using Linux operating systems such as CentOS, AlmaLinux, Debian, and Alpine, as well as Windows Server domains. I am skilled in using containerization tools like Docker and Kubernetes. I have a certain understanding of networking and conventional network security technologies, and I have led the construction of our company’s CI/CD pipeline.

Featured Work

Over the years, I have led a wide range of work. Here are some of the most representative tasks I have undertaken.

Working History

I started from a junior development position in a small company and worked my way up to the chief technology officer.

Piesat Information Technology Co.

Technical Manager

Manages all developers in the Sichuan software development department, provides solutions for complex technical issues, and establishes technical standards and personnel training programs.

Sichuan SayLooks Technology Co.

Chief Technology Officer

Fully responsible for the work of the technical department, reporting directly to the General Manager. Participates in the formulation of the company’s development strategies and plans. Strengthens the construction and management of the technical team. Develops technical objectives and work plans.

Sichuan SayLooks Technology Co.

Technical Lead of the Project Team

Manages the development team of the project group, determines the technical approach of the project, and completes the related technical architecture. Also responsible for monitoring project progress and handling complex technical issues.

Sichuan SayLooks Technology Co.

Senior 3D Developer

Responsible for the research and development of a 3D home design platform, leading two junior developers to build the platform’s technical architecture from scratch based on UE4 and complete the core coding work.

Sichuan SayLooks Technology Co.

Junior Developer

Responsible for the functional development of the company’s software projects, with the majority of the projects completed by myself. The types of projects include business management systems, IoT communications, e-commerce platforms, and 3D visualization systems.

Technical Skills

Over the years, I have accumulated a wealth of experience and led the development and implementation of various projects and products.

  • 3D Programming and Visualization

    I have a solid foundation in linear algebra and understand the principles of 3D programming, including geometric composition, clipping space, projection matrices, and Mercator coordinate systems. I am proficient in using GLSL for conventional shader development. I have established a comprehensive Web-based 3D GIS and visualization technology stack, including frameworks such as ThreeJS, D3JS, CesiumJS, MapboxGL, DeckGL (LumaGL), and I have a deep understanding of WebGL and framework principles, which I apply expertly in projects. For desktop applications, my technology stack is mainly based on UE4 (C++), and I have the ability to modify source code and develop plugins, as well as adeptly use most of the engine’s internal functionalities.

  • Java and Spring Framework

    I am skilled in Java and the Spring ecosystem, using frameworks such as SpringBoot and SpringCloud. I understand a range of common middleware including Netty, Mybatis, Druid, Seata, and Flowable, and have led the establishment of our company’s backend technology stack and coding standards.

  • JavaScript/TypeScript and Frontend Frameworks

    I am proficient in JS/TS and primarily use VUE2/ElementUI for frontend development. I understand the working principles of VUE, UniApp, and Webpack, and have been instrumental in establishing our company’s frontend technology stack and coding standards.

  • Kubernetes and Containerization

    I am well-versed in the K8S operations system, having implemented it using Rancher. I am an expert in Docker and can independently set up and manage clusters. I have built our company’s DevOps pipeline and have skills in writing YAML and establishing Helm3 repositories. I have experience with distributed storage systems such as GlusterFS, Ceph, and Longhorn, and can independently handle deployment and ongoing maintenance.

  • C++ and Desktop Development

    I am proficient in C++ and have experience with frameworks such as QT, MFC, and UE4, which I have used in various development projects. While MFC was primarily used in the early days and has been largely phased out, I am familiar with Windows development, focusing on network programming and have some knowledge of OpenGL, although I have not used it natively.

  • Business System Architecture

    I have the ability to design business system architectures and understand the principles and logic of SaaS platform design. I have participated in the database design and architecture design of most of our company’s large-scale business systems and am adept at using UML for design representation.

  • Hardware and Operations

    I have a good understanding of computer hardware and underlying operations technology. I can independently set up ESXI and VSphere clusters, including open-source solutions like PVE. I can create Windows domain controllers and manage domain member hosts with group policies. I have networking and hardware troubleshooting skills, have independently built our company’s hybrid cloud network architecture, and am proficient in using various Linux distributions such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Alpine, and AlmaLinux.

  • Python and Quantitative Trading

    I have recently started learning Python and am familiar with frameworks such as Numpy and Manim. I have attempted to write quantitative trading strategies using the vnpy framework (with mixed success).

  • Management Skills

    I possess strong management skills and have developed my own management methodology, which has been proven effective. This methodology is quite comprehensive and can be discussed in detail during an interview.

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